How to market yourself as a cosmetic surgeon

When looking to market yourself as a cosmetic surgeon there are several things to know.  In this article we’ll quickly discuss many of the things that you will learn and will be able to be an effective marketer for your brand and company.


The goal of marketing

This is to grow your brand in a market so that you will have customers.  Marketing includes, branding, sales, and a multitude of more complex marketing techniques.  First you’ll want to discover what it is that makes a brand better at marketing itself than other brands out their in their market.  Why does one brand succeed while other toil away their money and seem to make no impact.  Well the first thing you should understand is that you are your brand.  Even if you work in an office that is popular in your area.  It is important to realize that you are the brand.


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When a potential patient comes to visit you they will want to make sure that they can trust you.  If you put this person off in any way they may not want to work with you.  This is why you will want to per-emptivley focus your efforts so that you are getting the right customers.  It’s not as much about getting more customers in your office.  As much as it’s about getting the right customer in your office.  I will list a bunch of marketing strategies you should use with a brief description.

Online Marketing


Search Engine Optimization


This is the technique in which your website ranks higher than other websites.  You will want to hire a quality firm, such as this sEo Hood rIver  to make sure you get quality work.  For instance if a customer goes to Google.  They might search for “Your city cosmetic surgeon.”  Now if you don’t show up for this search term then you might be in a bit of trouble.  On the other hand if you rank #1 for this search term.  Then you will have a flood of customers calling.

Paid Search

This is the type of internet marketing that uses paid advertising.  Either showing up in search engines or even showing up on other websites.  These can be banner adds or any other type of search.


Direct Mail

This is the type of marketing that you’ll want to use for sending out mail offers.  Or you can reconnect with patients that you’ve used in the past.  This is a great way to get customers and get noticed.


This is a good way to get brand awareness.  You will want to sponsor events that your customer would attend.  If you sponsor someplace that your customer is not likely to be then you probably don’t want to pay to have advertising there.



You will want to have  referrals.  This is getting your customers to spread the word.  It might be touchy and some of your patients might not want to do any marketing.  But if you get this right then you’ll be able to get a whole line of referrals.



There are many methods to market your company.  It is good to start with one method and get good at it.  If you are able to do this then you’ll be able to focus all of your energy and efforts effectively and get the best ROI.  This is very important when you are marketing yourself as a business owner.


Also when hiring a firm to do your marketing it is good to have a basic knowledge of what is an effective style of marketing for your business.  Otherwise you’ll be wasting money and you won’t know what to spend your money on next.  So lets focus on getting you to the next phase in your marketing journey.  Take some of the tips and effectively employ them you won’t be sorry.



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Finding A Quality Orlando Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Finding a surgeon to perform your nose job can be difficult.  With so many surgeons to choose from it’s not always easy to find a doctor you trust.  There are many things to consider when choosing a highly skilled rhinoplasty surgeon.  You will be able to find quality rhinoplasty orlando after reading this article.

Training and experience

Rhinoplasty surgery is sensitive just like any other medical treatment.  There are a few things you want to take into account when consulting with a plastic surgeon.  First you want to know how long they have been performing the operation you are seeking.  Many surgeons perform general surgeries but don’t specialize in any one kind.  You will want to find a qualified surgeon with years of experience performing rhinoplasty.  The last thing you want is to be this surgeon’s first nose job client.  Next look at their credentials.  Did they go to a  good medical school?  Where did they do their residency.  These are good questions to ask you surgeon on the first visit.  Lastly have you seen before and after photos.  Or spoken to past clients.  Usually doctors will have a list of past clients you can talk to to see if this is the right surgeon for you.  If they do not have this list then you may want to call another surgeon you feel more comfortable with.
Rhinoplasty Surgery


The professionalism of a rhinoplasty surgeon

Professionalism in any field is of utmost importance.  It is especially important in the field of rhinoplasty surgery.  The lasting effects of a poor operation or experience can be very damaging to a surgeon’s reputation.  A poor nose job can also change the way that you feel about yourself since you were attempting to get a cosmetic enhancement to begin with.  A few things to note.  Make sure your surgeon is well versed in proper procedure.  Ask them to give you a tour of the facility and what you can expect.  Also you will want to make sure they are cordial and not pushing you to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.  However if you are made to feel uncomfortable then you might want to look into another surgeon.  Meeting with many surgeons will help you to feel better about making the correct choice in choosing your medical professional.  If the surgeon treats you as a patient and leaves the choice up to you.  This is the person you will want to have perform your surgery since it’s the type of person making you feel comfortable.

Honesty of a doctor

How do you know if you doctor is honest?  This is a question that is often asked.  You might want to take a look into the background of the surgeon you intend to choose.  Any google search with the word scam after it should reveal whether your doctor is trustworthy or not.   There are many quality websites to shoot for but make sure you perform your due diligence before going under the knife.  You can find many qualified surgeons in a website for locating surgeons in your area.

Also you might want to consult the professionalism on whether you can trust your doctor or not.  It can be difficult to know how honest a person is but if they are attempting to make you sign a piece of paper you do not want to sign.  Or be malicious in any way then this is a perfect reason to leave your medical professional for a more qualified candidate.

Preparation used by a doctor

Finally you will want to know the procedure, and how well your doctor prepares you for what to expect.  One of the main questions is how long does it take to recover from a rhinoplasty procedure.  Well there are many things to take into account.  But a rough outline is within the first 30-60 days you should see a reduction in swelling.  After 90 days your nose should be close to the shape it is going to have, with a slight reduction in swelling as well.  But to fully recover from your surgery it will take roughly 1 year.  After a year you will feel like you did before the surgery.

Your doctor should show you every step of the way so that you are not left asking any questions.  Before you commit to such a permanent change make sure all your questions are answered.  You should know how long the procedure will take.  Recovery times.  And finally you will want to make sure they know complications that should occur.  Buy giving you an X-ray your surgeon should notice anything that my pop-up and could occur to make your surgery difficult.

Just remember this is a very beneficial surgery and making a quality choice will affect the way you look and feel, about yourself.  Make sure you take the time to make the best decision and you will be loving your new nose.


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